Pangs of Longing

I’m traveling for work. All my expenses are going straight on my corporate card and funds will be taken from my modest research account: hotel room, meals. that’s it.

No stopping at the gift shop for that lovely velvet top in the window. No running into town for the extra pair of pants I wished I’d brought. No web shopping in my down time for that pair of shoes — Fluevog pumps with all kinds of sweet little designs — Screenshot 2018-01-05 16.40.41I just saw someone wearing. No. None of that.

This reminds me of when I suddenly quit smoking three decades ago. I’d find myself sitting down with an ashtray in hand. Where did that come from? Oh, it’s my basal ganglia on auto pilot following ingrained habits.

So, here away on travel, I’ll just relish the fabulous blue velvet shirt dress I brought with me and my own pair of Fluevog pumps (black, for god’s sake, I never wear pink) on my feet right this very second.  I already have all I need.