Still Not Shopping

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Per my new year’s resolution, I’m still not shopping for clothes, shoes, bags, and jewelry. Little did I know when I made that resolution that this was going to be hardly any big deal at all. I’ve had maybe a total of ten seconds thinking “I need that!”

Mostly I had no idea that I was about to turn my life upside down to go further and get out of massive debt. I wasn’t even thinking about all the debt — total denial about the mess we were in (see sidebar).

Now my goals are much higher, namely in the next few years to cash flow kids’ college and get out of all debt, from credit card to car loans to a home equity loan and a big chunk of the home mortgage. It can be done. It just takes a big shovel (e.g. a big paycheck, which happily we have) and determination, focus, and intentionality. I’m finding that my own intentionality — with the fella on board — has given me that, but mostly a new kind of calm, patience, and happiness with what I have now. And I’m just not in that big of a hurry to get the new fireplace, or bathroom, or the whatever stuff we don’t really need. We’re actually pretty good with what we’ve got now.


On A Year of No Shopping

Apparently this “year of no shopping” thing has been a thing for a while, but I was too busy to notice. Years ago I was too poor to shop, so I didn’t worry about not shopping. Then when I started making some money I got busy making up for years of poverty. Later I think I went shopping when I was filled with some kind of anxiety: maybe I’ll feel thinner with a new shirt or shoes or bag or necklace. Too enmeshed in this kind of magical thinking, I never considered¬†not shopping.

And so now that I have resolved to quit shopping for a year for clothes, bags, jewelry, and shoes, thanks to the piece I read by Ann Patchett, I’m finding lots online. Through all Read More »