The Good Life

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I am living better. I don’t have to freak out when a big bill comes, cause I’ve got some money set aside. Yes, I still have more than $80,000 in credit card debt. But I am making progress. When I started this journey at the end of December, I had $107,000 in credit card debt, not to mention all the other consumer and kids’ parent loan debts. All told, I’ve paid off $27k in credit card debt, and a total of $34k in all non-house debt — in less than five months! And I’ve got enough in the bank to pay for May’s expenses and enough in the college fund (which I only started in March) to pay for summer and then fall tuitions for two kids, one at a state U and another at a small liberal arts college (and both with decent scholarships to offset the cost).

And I can still hang out at the airline club for about the cost of what I will charge the company for dinner.

The big difference between before — when I was getting poorer and more in debt every day — and today, when I am getting more out of debt and more awesome every day, is this simple thing called….


Those letters that before I’d run away from screaming, letters that seemed to spell out misery and DEPRIVATION. Dear readers, these letters are your FRIEND.

Before every month begins, give every dollar a duty. Every single dollar. (Thanks Dave Ramsey.) The name for some dollars could be a week of debauchery with your besties on a Greek island. (So long as it is with money in your bank, never on a credit card.) That can fit perfectly nicely in a budget. You decide. But you need to decide and not let the vagaries of life rob you of your money. A budget puts you in charge. Then the good life is yours.


Pic above: me at the Delta Club at Laguardia using the cool Waterlogue app.


May the Bankers Quake in their Boots

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The credit card debt is down about $16,000 in three months, from $106,636 in November to $90,653 now at the beginning of February. And I only started focusing on this at the very end of the year. I’m already a wee bit under where I hoped to be now.

That means we can really kill it going forward.

Out of credit card debt by by February 2019.

Car loans paid off by the end of April 2019.

Emergency fund of $22,000 stocked up by June 2019.

Then we’ll tackle the home equity and mortgage, which we should be able to knock out in another four years, max.

A plan is a fearsome thing. Let’s all get one, follow it, and let the bankers quake in their boots.