Spring Wardrobe

Screenshot 2018-03-04 19.38.35

It happens every spring: suddenly I need to clean out the closet and switch from winter to spring. That happened today. But I was totally astonished by the amount of clothes I have. My spring closet is now super loaded.

Of course, I’ve got the debt to attest to it. Those clothes probably cost me many thousands of dollars. At least had the sense to buy Eileen Fisher clothes, which are sustainable and timeless, and so I can wear them for many years.

So I have zero need to buy any more clothes. I might suffer in terms of t-shirts and cropped jeans, but I’ve got at least 7 Eileen Fisher dresses, loads of light sweaters, croppd pants, and tanks. I’ve also got plenty of button down shirts. The amount of clothes I have is actually ridiculous.

In our time, clothes are less about need than about longing. Like something will be met if I get this one more thing, But of course the thing never meets the longing and on it goes,

So now that I am dealing with this gap between longing and need, I am left with a lot of clothes,

I am going to rock that gap wihout buying another damn thing.


On A Year of No Shopping

Apparently this “year of no shopping” thing has been a thing for a while, but I was too busy to notice. Years ago I was too poor to shop, so I didn’t worry about not shopping. Then when I started making some money I got busy making up for years of poverty. Later I think I went shopping when I was filled with some kind of anxiety: maybe I’ll feel thinner with a new shirt or shoes or bag or necklace. Too enmeshed in this kind of magical thinking, I never considered¬†not shopping.

And so now that I have resolved to quit shopping for a year for clothes, bags, jewelry, and shoes, thanks to the piece I read by Ann Patchett, I’m finding lots online. Through all Read More »