My Sassy Wardrobe

Screenshot 2018-08-14 19.08.21.png

I started this blog on New Year’s eve, December 31, 2017. I had two resolutions.

  • a year of no shopping for clothes, bags, jewelry, or shoes
  • a food and drink budget of $900 a month.

The second has been spotty at best, but the first one I am rocking. In desperation, at times, I go to try on clothes from my favourite designer. But so far every time I walk away emptyhanded. I don’t want to let myself down. And so far nothing tempts me enough to do that.

There is not a single item in my closet purchased in 2018. Left with what I have, I decided to pare down even more, so I moved out all the clothes that are not quite right, no matter how pricy or lovely. If they don’t work for me, they are banished. So I’ve pared down what I wear to a hanging clothes rack for jeans and sweaters and two linear feet.

Most everything is black. There are a few shots of colour, like an amazing pair of wine-coloured Fluevogs that I just had refurbished at the cobblers. Everything goes together. Everything can work at a night out or in the classroom or taking the dog for a walk. Everything is easy, elegant, and still sassy.

A year of no shopping has its frustrations, no doubt, but also the gift of minimalism.


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