Congratulations, you’ve been selected for PayPal Credit!

Screenshot 2018-07-31 20.46.51

Seriously? I’m being congratulated for the opportunity to go into debt with you and make you money? You must think I am an idiot who would believe this is an honour. It’s not.

When did the ability to borrow money become a badge of honour? Yes, there is a difference between the  people I’d lend to and people I’d never lend a dime. But the former are hardly worthy of respect just on that account. Anyone needing to borrow anything is in a rather degrading position.

I now reflect back to the times in my twenties when I went to people asking to co-sign for a loan because I was in dire straits. That was more humiliating than I could actually acknowledge. It was horrible.

But now the debt advertisers woo us with notions that being able to borrow means you are elite. Yeah, baby, plunk down that gold card on the table. Show up all your colleagues. You must be cool.

I am now so proud and happy when I pull out my debit card or, better, cash to pay for my part of a dinner with friends, or groceries or stuff at the drug store. It’s even so much better to pay with cash on hand for huge expenses. Paying with credit now feels shameful. As it should.

So I am increasingly appalled by all the credit scam come ons…  Like for a HELOC so you can upgrade your kitchen or go on vacation.



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