Let’s fry some eggs

Screenshot 2018-07-15 20.41.06

In grad school I learned about externalities. Those are the things we might not pay for immediately but all of us pay for in the long run. Like right now it might be cheap to buy a dollar meal at McDonald’s, but in the long run this will play havoc on our individual and collective health care costs. Same with most any industry today. The immediate costs can be low but the costs that society has to bear for the environment, social welfare, and medicine are huge.

Have you ever wondered why it is such a sure bet to go for a career in health care? It’s because we are all so sick. I’m surprised that so few seem to notice this. Health care is a huge part of our economy precisely because we are so sick.

And why are we so sick? Lots of reasons: the industrial food complex, the medical complex that has sold out to big pharma and big food, to our gullibility with the food pyramid. I believe that ultimately we have been sold a bill of goods in the USDA food pyramid that puts grains as the foundation of what we should be eating.

If what I am saying sounds strange, you can start to understand by reading some of Gary Taubes work or watching Cereal Killers.

I am now skipping the grains and flipping the rest of the pyramid. Eating: Fat first. Then protein. Then all the cool carbs like leafy greens, avocados, nuts, and such.

People, we need to think for ourselves and eat like our ancient ancestors did. That’s really not so hard. When you go to a grocery store, skip all the aisles and shop the perimeter. Pretty much everything in produce and meat and eggs is fine. But when you get to the dairy section, skip anything that is touted as low fat and go for full fat.

There’s no price difference between low fat milk and high fat milk. So that’s good. All the way around the grocery store, you can find whole foods. It may be cheaper in the short run to stock up on chips at Aldi’s but in the long run we’ll all be so damn sick.

We already are. But this can change. Drop the crappy carbs. Melt a slab of butter in the skillet and fry yourself some eggs. You will live to tell us about it.


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