Growing Up

Screenshot 2018-04-26 20.03.46

This is the hard part. The agonizing slow part. Socking away money to cash flow kids’ college — and we are smack in the middle of that — and still trying to pay off debt. I made a promise to myself back in December that I was going to get out of all this debt and stop incurring any more. And with our income it would be obscene to let the kids rack up student loan debt.

So we are on a budget. The fella is getting the message — don’t put the beer you grab on the way home on a credit card! — but he still uses credit cards for business expenses, eventually reimbursed, but this makes my bookkeeping self go crazy. (I have a separate corporate card.)

Saving to pay cash for college has seriously slowed down the debt payoff. But praise be that come July I can send a big fat payment to both kids’ colleges, including the small liberal arts college my youngest has just decided to attend. This is huge. I never imagined I’d be able to do this. I was in such denial I never even thought about how we were going to get the kids through college. What was I thinking? Why, I wasn’t even thinking!

Even with the slowdown, I think I can get us out of credit card debt by early 2020, less than two years from now.  And the kids will be debt free.

It is nice to finally grow up. Me, I mean, not them.


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