April Groceries

Screenshot 2018-03-28 20.10.32.png

Three months into this journey: $35,000 paid down in debt; $13,000 saved for current college costs. Great, right? Yes, of course!

But the current challenge is still groceries. Last month I tried a mixture of cash and debit, but I lost track and I think groceries and booze gobbled up maybe two grand more than expected. (yeah, crazy rich broke people)

So this month I will try something new: Start of the month, withdraw one grand in small bills. Give the fella two hundred. (He’s got the okay to put another two hundred on the debit card, half of which should be gasoline. Still to be seen how that works. I think he is underestimating.)

That leaves me with $800 in cash for groceries and pocket money for coffee or lunch here and there. So here’s my new experiment. I’m going to go out and buy all the dry goods I think we’ll need for the month. Really! Wow. First the booze: big litres of pinot grigio and some regular bottles of malbec for well under $200. Then mega cans of tomatoes and beans, bags of Pete’s coffee, loads of pasta and sauce, lots of tofu and seitan, boxes of cereal and loaves of bread that I’ll freeze.

It looks like that may add up to $670, leaving me $130 to get perishables like milk, fruit, and some veggies. There may be no room for a latte.  In May the CSA kicks in, which will bring me more produce than I know what to do with. But that’s another story.


Image: detail of  https://www.dwell.com/article/a-restored-midcentury-jewel-by-richard-neutra-hits-the-market-at-dollar13.5m-f2463167/6377225811484147712


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