Heated Talk

Screenshot 2018-03-26 18.52.50

I made the fella sit down with me yesterday for a monthly budget meeting. I laid out what our fixed costs are and then said, here’s what’s malleable: how much for groceries, booze, barbers, lawn care, gasoline? Fella zeroes in on one kids’ voice lessons. Why are we doing this, he asks? Because, I answer, these are music lessons. Do we need to have a purpose for music lessons? And then I get all defensive. Maybe we can quit the lawn care and you can start mowing the lawn. Or we’ll quit the monthly house cleaning and you can scrub a toilet for the first time in your life.

And it kept getting worse. Then I got us back on track. How much do you want for your pocket money? I don’t want us to put anything more on cards. And he pushes against that because, oh, it’s so inconvenient to use cash. So we compromised with him using half his allowance via debit card.

Jesus friggin christ. It will be a miracle if we get out of this mess when we are not on the same page.

But I do believe in miracles.



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