Forget about regrets

Screenshot 2018-03-17 19.55.04.png

If only I had known thirty years ago what I know now. Blah blah blah.

No one knows what one will know going forward. NOW it’s a matter of attending to the moment with no regrets and with fearsome resolve.

And a fat check helps.

I just spent a whole day finishing a spreadsheet on my debt-getting-out-of future. It’s good, even with the plan to cash flow two kids’ college.

Now that I’ve actually started paying attention to what we’re spending and actually budgeting (which my former self poo poohed), my obsessiveness in detailing things yields that I will be totally out of non house debt by October 2020 and may actually be out of house debt three years later.

The trick is to have enough time, after paying off the debt, to sock into retirement accounts sufficiently to live well after retirement. The good part is that even with a decade post-debt-payoff we can pour enough into retirement to live really well thereafter.

Yes, it would have been ten times better to have figured this out ten years ago, but that me wasn’t paying attention then. This me is.


My past fear of planning for retirement was I think rooted in avoiding the brute fact of mortality. which I do in fact regret. But that this kept me in financial insanity is, to be tautological, totally insane.


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