Credit Card Debt Whittling

Here’s a progress report of credit card debt since November, the very worst it had ever been. This is from $106k to $87k

Screenshot 2018-03-10 17.13.30

The madness hit me when I saw $106,000 in credit card debt in November. At first I had hare-brained ideas like, oh, I’ll just quit shopping. Soon I realized I needed to be on a serious budget and grow up.

Now three and a half months later it’s down $19k. Nice! Pat on the back!

But I can do better. And I will. I’m waiting for a consulting income check and a tax refund to knock it down further. Plus I’m going to start setting aside money to pay for kids’ college.

Oh, if only I’d had my head on straight 20 years ago. Regrets. But more important now is conviction and action.


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