Lunch money, honey

Screenshot 2018-03-05 20.00.08

I’m nailing down grocery shopping on the cheap such that I can make a meal for three for less than five bucks easily. But the problem comes when I’m on campus and need to grab something to eat. A salad or a sad little sandwich can run easily between six and ten bucks. Add a coffee and I’m at $15 a day. Doing that four days a week is easily costing me $250 a month.

So let’s slam on the brakes!

Time to pack a lunch, even something as pedestrian and fattening as a pb&j sandwich, which I can make in two minutes and carry around in my bag all day. And if I’m walking a lot I’m burning off the calories.  I can even toss in an apple. Lunch will then run me about $15 a month, saving over $2,000 a year, which now will go toward paying off debt and later fund a month every year on a Mediterranean island, where I happen to have a house debt free.



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