My Brain and Other Problems

Screenshot 2018-03-03 20.04.42.png

I am trying to keep this blog focused on just one thing: managing money. But of course there’s a person behind it with all the complexities involved in being a person, much that has little to do with money. So keeping it focused on money is awfully artificial as a general premise. But I try.

But now it looks like I am about to be diagnosed, again, where I previously tried to ignore it, with a form of epilepsy. I generally don’t lose consciousness; I don’t have motor problems; but I do go to a very dark place. And the medication to treat it also sends me to very dark places.

Okay, so I have to figure this all out. But for this blog the big issue is that I can’t drive. So all my intricate planning on where to shop for what to get the best deal is pretty much shot. I made the fella drive me around today to try to maximize minimal spending, but that was excruciating in itself.

So I think I’m going to look into making better use of my Amazon Prime membership, free shipping, good for the epilectic who can’t go shopping.

yeah, I’m blue. you would be too.


Image: Le Corbusier’s LC4 Chaise Lounge (1928).


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