Grocery Bucks

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I started this blog about seven weeks ago. Looking back at that first entry, I’m amused that I could hardly fathom paying $600 a month for groceries — that seemed frugal crazy and impossible — especially given that I had often spent north of $2500 a month. Now I know that my ways were crazy. I’m still not quite sane, but I’m getting there.

For the three of us, I’m starting to make a weekly trip to Aldi’s to stock up on some basics for about $28. On top of that I make a trip to a local huge produce-heavy market for veggies and some dry goods, and some cheap wine, for about $50 a week. Then there’s the occasional trip to a normal grocery store to get my Peet’s coffee and some other commercial stuff. And an occasional trip to Walmart for some toilet paper or saran wrap. And at the beginning of the month I went to the wine shop and got a case of wine on discount. I gave the fella $400 for pocket money for the month, mostly for the occasional food and beer he picks up plus his occasional lunches out. He’s pretty modest, compared to me, in his spending, putting about $1,000 a month on his credit card. Now I see that as crazy, so allotting him $400 a month and asking him to lay off the card is moving in the right direction.

SO…. in the past where we’d easily run up $2700 in groceries plus $1000 fella’s spending  now we’re getting closer to $900.  And right there is $2800 a month to apply to paying off debt.

Every little bit adds up to a lot. I’m still not at $600 a month, but that no longer sounds crazy. It seems like a reasonable amount to spend on food. Of course, this means cooking, from scratch, but I can manage that even in just 30 minutes after getting home from work. You can too.


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