This Bloody Mary Better Be Good

Screenshot 2018-02-13 11.30.02

Back at the airport on another work trip out of town. I enjoyed two days at home, walking on real wood floors, drinking real French Roast coffee, sleeping in nicely worn pure cotton sheets, catching up with the fella, standing in the woods out back playing frisbee with the dog.

And now I’m back to the faux life of faux comfort. Not all is faux. Currently I’m sitting in the airline club, a leftover perk from my life of financial debauchery. Yes, you can get “free” membership in an airline club if you pay $450 a year for the “privilege” of a certain credit card. How much did I pay for that card last year, interest and fees included?

Let’s look…$2,895!!! Oh, lovely. My little perk of sitting in the airline club is in exchange for an annual-fee-plus-interest cost of $3,345!

Oh, but I also got the perk of no international charges when paying for things overseas. Of course, if I had paid for stuff in cash, I wouldn’t have had any charge either, especially since I tend to keep Euro in cash and not exchange it back and forth.

So, brilliant me.

I do have on my calendar to cancel this card before the next annual fee is charged in June. In the meantime, I’m making the most of this club.

Time for a Bloody Mary!


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