Living high on low

Screenshot 2018-02-02 22.28.11

In my attempts to live well on the cheap, for this month, I’ve just bought a case of ten-dollar Malbec at a 10% discount. I’ve discovered Aldi’s, which just opened up in my neighborhood and where I bought beaucoup stuff for 25 bucks. I went to the local import store that carries stuff from My People and got a huge thing of olive oil for $27. And I’m finding that I’ve got more than enough in the fridge and the pantry to make things. Honestly, I can’t make things fast enough. There’s plenty enough.

So let’s say we spend this month — honestly and I’m not at all proud of this — $300 on booze. I think it is realistically possible that we spend only $300 on food. I have to work to find ways to meet with colleagues that’s not “let’s do lunch.” Then maybe the February food and booze budget is down to $700.


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