Grocery Sanity

Screenshot 2018-01-25 23.37.44

With my first full month of intense debt reduction coming to an end, I am learning how to shop for groceries like a sane person. There were a couple of grocery trips where I spent about $80 — but never one where I spent any more than that. Mostly there were little trips to pick up a few things we’d run out of.

Screenshot 2018-01-25 23.25.31

A big grocery haul typically includes lots of fruits and veggies, a couple of dozen cage free eggs, several tubs of tofu, a few bottles of wine, milk, half and half, bread, beans, tubs of fresh peanut butter, and even San Marzano tomatoes. You just need to find the right market. And know how to cook.

But notably — no cheese, no processed snack food, nothing much processed at all.

If only I had come to my senses earlier, I might still be a millionaire.



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