The Day After The Talk

Screenshot 2018-01-21 19.42.54

I can’t tell you how much better I feel now that I’ve had the talk with the fella. Last night I went down to the TV room, where he sat flipping through channels, and said “we need to talk” and told him about the entire mess. This was not all exactly a secret; the ledger of our debts sits right there in the bill space. He just left it to me, all the responsibility and the blame. Yes, his spending is much more in line than mine; though it’s still too much. But with me in charge of groceries and kid expenses and my own predilections for designer accoutrements, I carry much responsibility.

This morning this is now entirely different. I gave him the virtual keys to the Mint account. Now he can see the whole ugly truth. I talked with him about my ideas for getting out of the mess: at the start of each month, first pay the basic bills; then set aside cash for what is budgeted for the month; then use the remainder to pay make minimal payments on all but one debt—and pour every last dollar into knocking down that one debt.

I feel hopeful; I am relieved; I am a million-fold better off.

Now my only little secret is that I’m blogging all this to the world.


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