My Year of Still Not Shopping


Yes, it’s been two weeks and I’m still not shopping … for myself … no clothes, no bags, no shoes, no jewelry.

Just 50 more weeks to go.

My only real frustration is that I didn’t get the new Ugg slippers I wanted before the end of the year — mail order snafu — but I did manage to find an old pair of Target slip ons in my laundry room, not exactly cozy, but I washed and hung them to dry.

I lost my favorite black cashmere scarf and went through my closet looking for it, only to find a dozen bags I hardly can use. Still no scarf.

I’m getting used to not buying things, even things I didn’t forbid myself from buying. Like where the hell did my favorite vegetable peeler go? I coveted a new one at the grocery store the other day. Ten bucks! Nah. Maybe I’ll find the old one.

I still want to know where that wonderful black cashmere scarf went, but I’m not going to go and buy a new one. That would violate My Year of No Shopping.

Those Target slippers are going to be cold and scratchy, but I’ll just wear some socks with them.

I’m almost out of Smashbox primer, so I’ll use what’s left sparingly and decide deliberatively whether I really need any more.

I wanted some quinoa at the store this morning, but it was five bucks so I’ll wait until I go somewhere where I can find it for more like a dollar, maybe two.

I had some spare time to get a manicure today, but I decided I could do my own nails or just go another day with chipped polish. I spent the rest of the day in my campus office and no one else was around to care about the state of my nails.

I went to Walmart the other day for some staples despite years of proclaiming I’d never set foot in there. I spent ten minutes choosing which box of sandwich baggies to get, got the ones for a-buck-five-cents but got charged $2.88. so I’m going to return them.

Who is this person who has stopped giving a shit about her nails, wears scratchy slippers, suffers through a crappy vegetable peeler, shops at Walmart, frets over the difference between sandwich baggie prices, and decides to return a box for less than a $2 difference?

What happened to the old me?

Gone, baby, gone.





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